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MDX Query to PowerPivot Data Source

Nov 8, 2012 at 10:46 PM


I am really uncertain whether this would be the correct place to ask this question, but because I am at an utter loss as to how to solve the problem this is as good a place as any.  I am attempting to use OLAP PivotTable Extenstions to connect with a PowerPivot data source.  I have uploaded my measure name data to my powerpivot model using the wonderful new tool Dax Studio and PowerPivots ability to draw in data back to the AS model.  Here is the MDX Query that I am using:


I have checked all of my table and column names but every time I attempt to use the MDX I get the following error that leads me to believe there is some sort of permissions or securtiy issue that I don't have taken care of.  Here is the two error's that I receive:

"Data could not be retreived from the external data source.  Error message returned by the external data source:  The following syntax error occured during parsing:  Invalid token, offset 130, ]."


There was a problem creating the calculation:  The following syntax error occurred during the parsing:  Invalid token, Line 1, Offset 130, ].  Exception from HRESULT: 0x500A03EC"

I am an analyst trying to move into the world of a DBA and have very little technical skills except for very SQL.

Any ideas what might be causing this issue.  I would be happy to send a stripped version of the data set if there is a need to have more particular view of the data.

Any and all help would be most extremely appreciated.

Kind Regards,

John Bradley

Nov 13, 2012 at 3:38 PM

Can you describe what you are trying to accomplish with your calculation? It's not clear to me.

I think the MDX above is missing a ]. But I'm not at all sure what you're trying to accomplish so I'm not sure where to suggest you put that bracket.

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