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Excel 2016 enable/disable auto refresh issue

Jun 10, 2016 at 9:42 PM
Hello everybody,

I have experienced a strange issue when updated my Excel 2013 64 bit to Excel 2016 64 bit (I also moved from windows 7 64 bit to windows 10 64 bit).
Previously on Excel 2013 64 bit, when I wanted to make some correction in my PowerPivot (since I have big data on my powerpivots), I first disabled autorefresh, made the necessary changes, and got back to my worksheet, enabled auto refresh, waited for a while for tables to recalculate, and everything was updated automatically with new values form updated tables.

Now on Excel 2016 64bit, I am doing the same thing (disable autorefresh, change my powerpivot tables, got back to workbook, enable autorefresh), but when I get back to my worksheet, after I enable the autorefresh, (althought the waiting time is much shorter then earlier), the tables are not update automatically. So what I need to do is to the turn on/of some slicer values, and after that it is updated. I am not always sure did the workbook take all new values or not, and it makes me a little bit uncertain.

Does anyone know why is this happening and how to get it right as before on Excel 2013.
Also, I was using the 0.8.4 version earlier, and now I was forced to use 0.9.0 version since it is the only one who supports Excel 2016.
In the powerpivot calculation Option are set to Automatic Calculation mode, and in the Excel workbook in Options/Formulas Workbook Calculation are set to Automatic.

Aug 17, 2016 at 10:27 PM
Amir, I'm sorry you're having issues. Is the workbook in question sensitive? If not, can you click furmangg and contact me. We can email back and forth and share it.

If it's sensitive, I'm open to any suggestions you have on how to help me reproduce this. I haven't been able to thus far. Can you describe generally how large the workbook is (# tables, PivotTables, etc)?

Enable Auto Refresh was broken after upgrading OLAP PivotTable Extensions to run in Excel 2016 so I definitely had to make some tweaks. The main code changes I made were:

1) Double check that the data model is loaded before making a change that will force a refresh of the PivotTables (as this caused an error in Excel 2016 if the data model hadn't been loaded)
2) The way we trigger refresh of all the tables without actually causing Power Pivot to reload from all of it's (SQL) sources is to add a new table with a connection to a text file and then delete the table. In Excel 2016, we used the newest version ACE driver for loading the text file.
3) If the Power Pivot window was open, we needed our code to pause for a few seconds to let Power Pivot complete it's work or else we got an unhandled exception inside the Power Pivot window.

Sorry for the delay in replying. If you have any further info, let me know.