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OLAP Filter not showing on already created template


I have a template that use that connects to my Cube and when installing version 0.9.0 it goes in correct and the software is showing active in Add-Ins, but when I right click it does not show an OLAP PivotTable Extensions in the menu.

I create a new connection the to the Cube and it works, but when I close and open it again I am having the same issue. We have installed the software on several other users system and they are having the same issue also.

I have never had issues with this before on prior versions and when I uninstall the software and downgrade I am having the same issues.

Any ideas?


furmangg wrote Dec 1, 2016 at 3:33 PM

Sorry you are having some problems, and sorry for the delay in replying. Is there any more info you can provide to help me reproduce?

Is there something different in the setup of laptops at your company like a group policy is wiping out certain installs or something?

All you have to do is shut down all Excel windows and reopen the workbook and the add-in is no longer registered?