Plug-in crashes excel 2013 64-bit

With the add-on install, if excel is launched it runs into an error that causes a crash. I have updated all windows updates, tried repairing office 2013, have uninstalled and re-installed the exten...

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On Excel startup, error with a dictionary key

Hello, At the startup of Excel, I have an error with the Olap Pivot Table Extensions Add-In : a key is missing. I don't have no error during the Add-In installation. I tried to desinstall on rei...

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method not found

Greetings, on one of our company machines, the user is getting an error message when he tries to cerate a pivot table: method not found: 'Microsoft.Office.Core.LanguageSettings Microsoft.Office.In...

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The connection either timed out or was lost

This error seemed to crop up with we changed from the 2008 version of msmdpump.dll to the 2012 version. I can't verify as i can't get it to work period on either version. Is there a hardcoded url...

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Error message when you right click on a dimension member on rows with Defer Layout Update on

Error: Problem setting up Show Property as Caption The PivotTable report cannot be edited with the Defer Layout Update check box selected. To edit the report, clear the Defer Layout update check bo...

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Export search results function

chjone suggested: Is it possible to export the search results? On the search tab, I select 'Field List' in the Look in drop down and hit find lists everything...which is perfect. I can ...

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Keep filter settings

I really want a feauture that saves my filter settings even though the members (temporarily) dont exist in the cube dimension (anymore). Or is there already a way to save the filter settings?

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Filtering on member properties

Currently EXCEL 2010 allows for filtering on member properties, however the Extensions tool does not allow (or not seem to allow) filtering on member properties. I was hoping for similar functiona...

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Trying to clear pivot table cache generates HRESULT:0x800A03EC exception

When trying to clear pivot table cache it generates HRESULT:0x800A03EC exception and is not able to clear the cache. I have noticed that this happens with more complex pivot tables with several piv...

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Error at Clear PivotTable Cache after level expanded

The customer has German version of Office 2010 v14.0.4760.1000 32-bit. After installing OLAP PivotTable Extensions and loading an Excel file containing an OLAP PivotTable the clear PivotTable Cache...

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